Crawford Transporters, Inc.

Mission Statement
Crawford Transporters' mission is to load, transport and unload bulk petroleum additives and products, including biofuel products, in a manner that protects employees, owner operators, plant terminal personnel, the general public and the environment, and to comply with all applicable
federal, state and local regulations. 

Core Values
Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE): Due to the inherently dangerous qualities of the Hazardous Materials we haul, our clear commitment to HSSE is a top priority. In addition
to the vast scope of HSSE knowledge our drivers possess, they also have “Stop Work Authority”
and are expected to use it when they feel it is necessary to protect
people, property and the environment.

Integrity: Our high ethical standards are ingrained into every aspect of our business, from how we work honestly
and truthfully to meet our customer’s specific needs to how we interact
courteously with other motorists on a daily basis. 

 Efficiency: Our drivers operate trucks outfitted with in-cab computers, which allow us to track GPS locations, speed and fuel consumption, and which allow our drivers to maintain

computerized driver’s logs. This real-time data is used to make decisions that result in less

wasted time and also in no Hours-of-Service violations. 

Dependable Service: Customers can expect loads to be loaded and unloaded at the

appointed day and time by drivers who are professionals and know how to get the

job done correctly and safely.

Our core values allow us to continually exceed industry standards and are

what separates us from our competitors. ​